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Volunteer a violin

Dear Editor:OK, eh! If not a van for the homeless, how about a violin?Willie had finished his impromptu gig in front of New York Pizza late Friday night and was walking “home” with his guitar and fiddle when a vehicle struck him crossing the street. Today, he is still mending. But his two instruments from which he earns his livelihood have been pronounced dead and irreparable. We believe he will be patched up well enough by Friday to hitch to Telluride, where he is scheduled to sing and play this coming weekend.A quality guitar and hard-shell case has already been donated, but Valley Information and Assistance (VIA) is searching hard and FAST to locate someone whose heartstrings are plucked by Willie’s dilemma: Someone who may have or may know about a full-sized violin that could be donated to keep both the strings and Willie humming along. This can be a tax deductible donation in harmony with the IRS.If you can help, please call Vince Savage at VIA, (970) 544-5545 before Friday, Sept. 7.Vince SavageValley Information and Assistance