Vitriol has no place on opinion pages |

Vitriol has no place on opinion pages

Dear Editor:

In his recent letter to the editor, under the headline “Shame on Aspen Times columnist,” Agustin Goba attacks Aspen Times columnist Melanie Sturm with language that is a bit intemperate (Nov. 10, The Aspen Times).

The words “egregious liar,” “hogwash,” “boldfaced lie,” “sucks,” “blatant liar,” “embarrassment to Americans” and “crap” all appear in his letter.

Whether you agree with Sturm or not, most people recognize that her pieces are thoughtful and relatively moderate. And even if they weren’t, that’s no even if they weren’t, that’s no excuse for attacking her personally with vile and venomous language including a word that is literally synonymous with “feces.”

I would suggest to Goba that such toxic name-calling serves to discredit yourself more than your target, and it is yourself on whom the shame lies.

As an aside, I’m also disappointed that The Aspen Times would print such poison. Criticism is fine – even harsh criticism. But vulgar name-calling has no place on the opinion page of a newspaper. So shame on you, too.

Glenn K. Beaton


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