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Visualize an open system

Dear Editor:

Anne Freedman of Basalt writes: “Basalt is a unique town with locally owned stores as opposed to chain stores. A Willits anchored by Whole Foods, a Texas company, will undoubtedly become the site for other outside companies” (letters, Oct. 16).

Anne, you mean locally owned stores like that City Market store owned by an Ohio corporation? Why are you opposed to consumer choice? Do you REALLY prefer City Market to Whole Foods, or are you yet another brain-dead Colorado bigot who is reflexively opposed to anything Texas? Maybe you are just dying to raise your property taxes and say “no” to all that juicy Aspen money that will flow into your sales tax coffers? Can you really name an economy anywhere in the world, in all of human history that benefited from a closed trading system? Or does the economic principle of trade and comparative advantage, in fact, create higher welfare for those who engage in it ” as the evidence from the real world proves? Try thinking for a change.

R. Barry Crook


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