Visitors center plan is ludicrous |

Visitors center plan is ludicrous

Does the city of Aspen have so much money that they just don’t know what to do with it?

Moving the location of the visitors center one block from where it is now and spending over $1 million for a fairly small amount of space on Main Street seems ludicrous, especially since the only person to profit will be the developer, Lowell Meyer.

You can’t blame Mr. Meyer for engineering a profit on his existing building. But I don’t think there are many people who are aware that he is planning to develop a 40-foot-high building on Main Street which will take out trees, grass and a little bit of the open space that we have left.

He will benefit to the tune of several million dollars by building free-market units on top.

Incidentally, since Mr. Meyer and the city are partners in the project, he gets to play by different rules than other developers, including not mitigating for parking and employee housing. Other developers should be outraged by the concessions he is receiving from the city.

Don’t forget how lovely our park behind the library will look when the city turns it into concrete for a parking lot for the police and sheriff’s department. The few parking areas available would now become 15-minute parking spaces for the visitors center only. Bad idea!

I think the City Council better rethink this one. I urge the citizens of Aspen to find out the facts before the public hearing on Monday, March 8.

Karen E. Crepps