Visitor: Keep the S curves |

Visitor: Keep the S curves

Wow! What can I say, as an outsider or frequent “turkey” that has been coming to Aspen since 1953? I am shocked and appalled that people just don’t get the magic of the S turns. That’s what makes Aspen unique … not just an exit on the highway.

I do not want to see Aspen become Vail. Vail has done what it is (an exit on the highway) well with two major concrete parking structures.

I love the funky entrance to Aspen … it is charming. Furthermore, everyone complains about the S turns, but can you imagine Aspen without the S curves? I CANNOT!

CDOT has done a great job on Glenwood Canyon and now on Highway 82, but please, please do not let them make it a straight shot with lights and four lanes into Aspen – yuck! What are you going to do with all the cars?

People, myself included, came to Aspen because it is not a highway exit. We have to remain different. We cannot forget why we are in Aspen and not Vail or Copper.

Please, please do not let CDOT make Aspen a highway exit versus the charming small-town feel it now has, and why we all came here to begin with.

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Help keep Aspen with a “heart” and a small-town feel, not a cold impersonal big-city highway exit.

Cookie Ogilvy

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