Vision for a better world |

Vision for a better world

Dear Editor:This letter is to express my unconditional love to all my brothers and sisters of the universe, without exception. Let us decide, at this time, to bring about positive changes in order to declare 2006 a time of permanent peace!Following are some of my ideas to accomplish this:1. Each individual to establish their allegiance to one country and to be able to visit other countries in peace and with respect.2. Each country to support their own people from their national wealth directly and without exception in graduated percentages of their national wealth until age 18, then a full percentage for life.3. Do a combined environmental and time study: How many trees are we killing and how many people are we confusing by duplicate and wordy reports?4. Do a safety report: Identify unsafe parts of our earth and make it possible for us to move into smaller self-contained safe communities, if we wish. The abandoned areas to produce food. Transportation would be available, immediately, to take those of us, who work and live in these areas, to carry us to safety in case of danger. These safe havens would already be establishedEloise IlgenCarbondale

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