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Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22) You are starting a month where you go underground, or actually, under ocean in

yourself, where you focus on inner realms of the

psyche and spirit. Expect to be having lots of talks

in there and maybe even hearing voices from your

spirit guides. All this need not be scar though it may

be a bit strange. Relax and trust it. Spend time alone

as much as possible and let others know what is going

on so they are relaxed too.

General astrology for all signs for the week: The next

couple of weeks will bring a huge amount of mental

activity, new thoughts, ideas, beliefs, discussions

and debates as your mind goes through a process of

expansion, deepening, open to mystical dimensions and

does all this will great energy and determination. It

is all quite magnificent and with any luck at all you

will go out of your mind in the process, and get that

it is a tool, it is not who you are. Generally a very

quiet week.