Violence is part of human nature |

Violence is part of human nature

Dear Editor:Throwing Christians to the lions was spectator sport in ancient Rome. These gladiator times remind us that prehistoric man was, and still is, the natural prey of man-eating animals. Evolution has programmed death and destruction into the environment. What an embarrassment this is to those who deceive themselves by believing that man is born good.The biblical version of violence begins with God throwing Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. This perfect environment is destroyed by the introduction of thistles and other noxious weeds. Death is introduced as Cain kills Abel. In our times, scientists propose that an expanding universe was created by the ultimate act of violence, called the Big Bang.Today, the endless fears that man can destroy the planet have created a great social movement called environmentalism. However, much greater damage is caused by the death and destruction done by tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes, and other natural disasters that are still called acts of God.Humans are a natural part of disasters. So many millions and millions are murdered in wars, ethnic cleansing and by savages in Africa that it becomes too much violence. The audience’s attention fades away as battle fatigue sets in. Comparatively few tragic deaths in Iraq give the same spectators shell shock. Meanwhile, Americans put up with some 50,000 highway fatalities a year.We humans can lie to ourselves and it is a lie to say that we are born good. Violence and death are a part of human nature, because these are ugly ways as evolution sorts out the players in the competition for survival. Being caught by evolution in a lie is more dangerous than embarrassing, for it can be self-destructive.Be Brave Comrades.KNCB MooreSanta Barbara, Calif.

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