Village to connect residents, tenants |

Village to connect residents, tenants

Dear Editor:

This letter responds to the statements I’ve heard from opponents of the Village at Crystal River that the project will flood the market with more residential units in an already soft market. This will not be the case. No residential units will be built until the current market conditions have improved considerably to the point where the current homes on the market have been sold and prices start moving back to the range they were in a few years ago.

Yes, this could take several years, but as I have said from the start, we have a long-term perspective on this project. The overall goal of the development is to use the catalyst of a new state-of-the-art grocery store, the village’s mixed-use nature (residential and commercial), the great location and the strict architectural guidelines and covenants to attract new retail and commercial users to Carbondale.

The concept of residential within walking distance and the site’s connectivity will be a significant marketing tool in attracting these tenants. These new tenants will allow Carbondale residents to shop more in their town rather than the outlying communities.

The Road Map Citizens Group recommended residential and the mixed-use character for the project and actually encouraged even more density than this plan is proposing. Also, didn’t Carbondale vote down a development plan for this land in 2003 that did not have any residential?

Rich Schierburg

Crystal River Marketplace LLC

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