Village developer doesn’t have true Carbondale in mind |

Village developer doesn’t have true Carbondale in mind

Dear Editor:

In the late ’90s, the Comprehensive Plan Citizens Advisory Committee adopted the motto, “Don’t change Carbondale. Let Carbondale change you.” This sentiment was backed up by results of a poll of the town’s residents that informed us that they wanted slow growth and valued small-town character. The comp plan also included a list of core values, the first being: “The town is a community, not a commodity.”

It is obvious that we not have upheld these ideals with largely unrestricted growth until it was abruptly slowed by the recession. They certainly were not upheld by past planning officials, as well as many former and current trustees. I find it interesting that we are currently in the process of a new comprehensive plan at great expense to Carbondale taxpayers, when we never adopted the last one nor adhered to its findings.

It would be interesting to take a similar poll today, as I believe the inclusion of residential developments since then have changed the demographics considerably. River Valley Ranch has changed this town dramatically, bringing a wealthier class of people, many with the desire to change Carbondale. I could not help but notice that most of the more vocal proponents of the Village are River Valley Ranch residents. They are ashamed of the entrance to our town and our grocery store, and wish to upgrade them, probably to more resemble the places that they moved here from.

At the forum, Mark Chain argued that Rich Schierburg is following the mandates of the Roadmap Group, and that it would be unfair to ask this developer to revisit his design. The Roadmap Group existed in a different economy, well before the current recession/depression. To say that we must not be able to readjust to changing conditions is in my mind really stupid. We can, and we should, send this developer back to the drawing board to come up with a plan that will work for all of Carbondale, not just for Rich Schierburg. Vote no on the Village.

Russell Hedman


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