Views from the revolution |

Views from the revolution

Dear Editor:Debate time for the elite parties of this country. So far they all look and act the same. Saying what they think the people should hear. Not addressing the real issues of this country.None of these carpetbaggers have a real clue. Let’s see … a bridge has collapsed. No talk of our crumbling infrastructure. Immigration seems too hot to handle. Homeless children, vets. That seems to be unimportant to this elite group. Our infamous war, they all had opinions on that; it seems to be the same rhetoric. Health care, their buddies the lobbyists won’t let them push this to far. Stem cell research they haven’t done their homework on this, some have, but the religious groups make them waffle on this issue.All this time, we keep sending billions upon billions off shore to make the world a better place.The newly elected Congress seems to be tied up in politics. They are not getting much done.A leader, who is liar, thinks his group is above the law. Check that, they are above the law. The middle class just stands by, hoping for change. Thinking things will get better.Just keeping thinking that. Just keep hope and wishing. While middle class America crumbles around you. Then you can say we did our part.I, for one, will not stand for the middle class to roll along with the status quo.So far, we have not even tried to have a working class person try to break this political barrier the elite have created. Not one working class hero on any ticket to penetrate the political machine.Isn’t there one person from the middle class that has the heart to challenge this machine?We must find this person and rally around them. Someone with the heart and soul to lead us back into the political arena, someone to say, “hell no” to the status quo.We know you are out there; step forward so we can begin our assault on the political machine … the revolution starts now.Russ DeckerCarbondale