Vice President Joe Biden visits Aspen |

Vice President Joe Biden visits Aspen

Staff report

Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Aspen on Friday evening after attending a roundtable discussion on domestic violence in Denver in the afternoon, according to authorities.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether Biden visited the Roaring Fork Valley on business or for pleasure. The website for the vice president’s schedule Friday didn’t show him coming to Aspen on official business.

Law enforcement and emergency-response vehicles were stationed along Highway 82 and side roads throughout the valley Friday at 7:30 p.m., preparing to close off roads while the vice president’s motorcade rolled through.

In Denver at a discussion about domestic violence in the afternoon, Biden said men have a moral obligation to intervene when they see women facing trouble or potential trouble with men, according to the Denver Post. Men who don’t stop the violence or its potential, Biden said, are “cowards,” according to the article.


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