Vetting the candidates? |

Vetting the candidates?

Dear Editor:

Once again the “Curse of Lincoln” (it took Abe nine tries to win an election) has sent me packing. While some of the candidates make sense, a few baffle me.

With that said, I want to first focus on the 22-and-a-half questions candidates are being asked to answer. Questions that are supposed to guide our elected officials down the path to a good choice for the next six months.

Questions about: affordable housing (we have no money), the Entrance to Aspen (not an issue prior to the May elections), a candidates’ intention to run for office in May (is that a qualification?), condemnation (government at its worst), and lying to council (I am shocked), make up the “Sacred 22.”

I’d like to suggest that a mere six questions would generate the same result. They are:

1. Because Burlingame is family oriented, should Disney be brought in as a partner to finish the build-out?

2. Do you think city government should micro-manage pricing and competition to drive Prada out of town?

3. Would you consider condemning your neighbor’s property if they did not pick up after their dog?

4. Would you be willing to say, “Liar, liar, pants on fire,” out loud in the name of transparency?

5. How would you solve the Entrance to Aspen problem in the next six months? Limit your answer to 10,000 typed words, and include funding solutions.

6. What is your favorite color? Why?

(NOTE: I would stipulate the candidates answers would be judged on what the current majority on City Council wants to hear, independent thought will be graded accordingly, and grammar counts for 15 percent of your grade.)

Finally this ” I understand why I was passed over by a majority of the current “deciders,” (they think I pick on them) but what about Cliff Weiss? Sure, Jim Pomeroy is nice guy, and makes a good brownie, but where has he been? Cliff Weiss has put his name on the ballot, serves on numerous boards and committees, and is a long-time local. I hope he wasn’t passed over because we became “friends” during

the Lift One COWOP meetings? Sorry Cliff.

Andrew Kole


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