Verbal garbage |

Verbal garbage

Regarding Alison Berkley’s column in the Wednesday, June 11, Aspen Times: Good God Gertrude! What a senseless rambling of self-indulgent verbal garbage.

No point, intelligent information. Sort of like verbal vomit coming from a very sour stomach. Perhaps because she has a “regular” column, the paper is obliged to print this tedious personal attack on a longtime local establishment, its patrons and employees, but what a waste of space.

If she has such a problem having fun on a night out perhaps she should stay home and bore herself to death instead of us. And if she is so proud of her ability to write, she might want to step back a few paces and check out how ridiculous she sounds in print.

Cheap shots are so easy when that’s all you have to offer. Alison’s column is much more about her then the Caribou Club. The Aspen Times would be better off without her column.

Karon Lundy