Veazy’s vision quest |

Veazy’s vision quest

Dear Editor:

At the last Aspen City Council of the Year 2010 Mayor Mick Ireland asked me a political question which seems that he pondered for a long time and seems to have an interesting Santa Barbara, Calif., connection.

Yes, Aspen Mayor Ireland, I did answer your interrogative when immediately asked. However, now I answer it a second time in a different fashionable manner for you and others to see the ever-persistent glory of our “Star-spangled Banner” at Fort Henry in Baltimore.

Over the decades where I am, in visible and in invisible, my political behavior interacts with the polities in my presence. I am subtle or bold or academic.

Whether speaking in august government bodies, big or small, or advising familiars or strangers, or collecting petition signatures or comparing political systems or helping political candidates or surveying political geographies or many other things like even meeting in May 1980 at Newark’s airport the future President George H. W. Bush or meeting California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi at an Asia Society meeting at the Annenberg Communications Center at the University of Southern California in the early 1990s or personally helping the Consuls General of New Zealand, Great Britain, France and German to promote bilateral trade with our country, I politic even in Chicago; New York City; Denver; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Burbank; Lakewood, Colo.; Grand Junction; Glendale, Calif.; Santa Monica; Beverly Hills; Pasadena, Calif.; Glenwood Springs; Basalt; Aspen; Bizbee, Ariz.; Jackson, Miss; and the list goes on and on, even including in the land of Dr. Huey P. Newton called Oakland, Calif.

Wherever I am people ask me to run for political office in their polity. This does include Aspen, too.

Long ago when I ran to be the president of the Denver County Republican Party, my then and still basic political approach and platform centered around a Republican Party political machine, helping American voters get jobs and meeting political, business and economic challenges in the glorious manner of the stellar “American Rugged Individualist.”

Happy New Year 2011 to Aspen Mayor and y’all out there because you ain’t seen nothing yet, especially when you join me and cooperate with me for “New American Economic Miracles” that will “WOW!” even you into new dynamic thinking and behaviors.

Do you want to start with my “Aspen 8.16.11 Celebration” special event production that I am pulling the various pieces together to produce in a la Beverly Hills thinking, style, action and enthusiasm? What about it?

Beverly Hills cheers me on in my Aspen “81611” efforts. Beverly Hills and I think my “Beverly Hills 81611 Approach” to prosperity and success is a winner. Everybody need not participate for only the wise will, however, exclusivity does have its mutual benefits and shared prosperity even in Aspen through my “Aspen 8.16.11 Celebration” special event production.

Zegna, Fendi and Frette. The count only includes the “creme de la creme” even concerning sponsors, so as Vectra Bank-Aspen operates, it kicked itself to the curb because I think my “Aspen 8.16.11 Celebration” concept, approach, business logic, high-end marketing methodology is way too over Vectra Bank Branch Manager Lisa Bugner’s head and beyond her educational background. Even in Utah the surname Veazy spelt Veazey is “creme de la creme.”

I am at the apex of Ajax Mountain. Come on up and join me, folks. Smell the money up here with me and be dazzled by the brilliance of my money-making ideas.

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, Calif., and Aspen

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