Veazys available for luncheons, too |

Veazys available for luncheons, too

Dear Editor:Isnt it boring how these whining anti-American Aspen business owners are complaining about not having enough American suckers in town as most of them are bracing for further financial hard times ahead (Economy brutal to business in Aspen, Feb. 9)? You keep falling asleep on these guys, dont you folks?Let us Americans yawn as we ask these inept business owners the same old questions again and again year after year. How many Americans do you hire? Why do you favor helping foreign labor over American labor? Why should Americans buy your product or service? How much of your profits and your employees incomes stay in Aspen to improve and increase the velocity of money to cause a stronger local economy and a more sustainable local prosperity? Why dont you sell more products and services to the locally employed large illegal alien population to make a buck? How come you dont like Americans? Why does your service suck? When are you going out of business?Bill Tomcich, Stay Aspen Snowmass president/chief executive officer, and his following of whining local business owners just dont like to go to school to learn better good citizenship, better manners, better business thinking and practices, better civic responsibility, better good neighborly practices and real nativist Americanism from Emzy Veazy III. If in October 2008 these giant geniuses of Aspen commerce had attended my four lectures at the Pitkin County Library, they would be wiser by light years, isnt that right Debbie Braun of the Aspen Chamber Resort Association (ACRA)?When is ACRA going to invite Emzy Veazy III to be its celebrity guest speaker at one of its major functions? Dont worry, Debbie, your members havent eaten with high powered executives and foreign dignitaries in the executive dining rooms at the headquarters of both The Los Angeles Times newspaper and OMelveny & Myers, a premier Los Angeles international law firm, like I have. No brag, just fact.Will multibillionaire Sam Wyly step up to plate to spread the word that it is either The Veazy Group or the Corporate State radiating from Washington, D.C.? Which do you prefer Aspen business community? The captains of U.S. banks and the American automobile industry have already gone for the sickle, hammer, chains and the iron fist of the Corporate State, so what is your choice, ACRA members?Im worried about March [2009], Tomcich said. I am certain your many smart-thinking newspaper readers would say, Bill Tomcich should be worried about being on the unemployment line and on the Pitkin County public dole this March 2009.Emzy Veazy III, Esq.Burbank, Calif./Aspen

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