Veazy wisdom

Dear Editor:

There are three questions to be faced head on, addressed, discussed and remedied with open public honesty and direct action by American-born Aspen full- and part-time residents and American-born visitors and tourists:

(1) Why are the hopes, desires and propaganda perpetuated by Aspen myths instilled into the Aspen popular mass psyche, chanted like a mantra for mass hypnosis seduction and talked and written so much about a major reality flop?

(2) Why do the great majority of our Americans throughout the years who come in contact with the Aspen experience the “unfulfilled Aspen life style,” which has no practical or no consistent combinations of glitz, glamour, riches, jetsetting, upper middle and upper class living accommodations, stylish fashion sense, cosmopolitan aspects blended with high culture and sophistication, offers to visit distant places to hang out with royal, nobility and major moneybags, etc.?

(3) Who profits from so many Americans having the unfulfilled Aspen life style? And why?

The simplest answer I can scholastically provide is that those who haphazardly run the overall Aspen scene, both individually and collectively, are incapable of producing and distributing a fulfilling Aspen life style to our American people. If they had the capabilities, then many Americans in Aspen, both and current, would be millionaires and millionairesses. Also they feed off of others miseries, sufferings, failures, frustrations, troubles and crushed dreams to achieve great things in life.

Just something to contemplate. Are you ready to “fulfill the Aspen life style”? What do you think, my many Veazy fans? There are hundreds of you out there in Aspen, Snowmass Village, Old Snowmass, Woody Creek and the Roaring Fork Valley!

Emzy Veazy III