Veazy on Twiggy |

Veazy on Twiggy

Dear Editor:After reading in the Aug. 24 Aspen Times the letter “What Emzy should do” by Mr. Carl Heck, I did a “Don Dixon” and telephoned Mr. Heck to thank him for his thoughtful wisdom. His keen intellect has been published in recent past years by The Aspen Times in 2002 and 2003.My telephone call surprised Mr. Heck. He was most gentlemanly in his art of rhetoric.A “Don Dixon” has positive effects upon the receiver, isn’t that right, Mr. Monte Hughes, chairman of The Veazy Group, Ms. Mary Ashkiilgaii, Mr. Ken Gutner of Red Mountain in Aspen, Colorado Mountain College graduate Mr. Chris Martin of Basalt and developer/realtor Mr. Bradley Barnes of Dorn Platz & Co. in Glendale, Calif.?To close on another positive music note, The Aspen Times has a very high Internet search engine saturation that puts the Aspen Skiing Co. and the Aspen/Snowmass reservation bunch Internet search engine saturation numbers of major search to shame and chuckles. In the same breath, all of the Aspen lodges’ Internet saturation numbers are “Twiggy-types.” Twiggy was a famous 1960s British female fashion model with no breasts and no booty.I can hear all those pencil-pushing Skico marketing wannabes groaning, “Veazy is right again! His hi-tech smarts trumps us as usual.”Emzy Veazy III, Esq.Burbank, Calif.

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