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Veazy on China

Dear Editor:

I slept on both “For DeFrancia, Beijing offers distraction from Base Village” (Aspen Daily News, Feb. 11) and “U.S. adviser DeFrancia discusses China maritime policy at luncheon” (Aspen Times, Feb. 11) and twisted and turned in my sleep because there are several supplements retired U.S. Admiral Jim DeFrancia should enjoy as edifying as well as should his Aspen Business Luncheon audience at the Hotel Jerome and your newspaper readers.

I will choose just the following particulars that are illuminating and more substantial substance, not criticism, to Adm. DeFrancia’s admirable experience and insights to even information not known to the common American.

So here I go folks, just like U.S. Presidents Herbert Hoover and David Dwight Eisenhower would approach this still evolving Sino-American naval topic that retired Adm. DeFrancia discussed.

The Peoples’ Republic of China’s (PRC) Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) is its own military-industrial complex with numerous business enterprises in military and civilian applications, manufacturing and markets. For years now the PLA owns a significant part of the Port of Long Beach in Southern California, despite protests about foreign ownership that had stopped Kuwaiti government ownership of many U.S. harbor facilities before the PLA’s Long Beach buy out.

Russian/Soviet naval technologies and warship products go to both the PRC and India since many decades ago, even aircraft carriers and submarines. In fact, on its own the PRC advances in its own submarine development program as it puts together its naval power to assert its historical and present claims of sovereignty in the China Sea and other seas.

To look at the third world countries of Asia as regarding U.S. foreign policy and U.S. naval operating presence in South Asia, Southeast Asia and the rest Asia’s coastal lands (seaboards) as comforting is not an accurate perception of their capitals and their populations. There are two reasons this naivete is off centered to third world people because (1) European and American imperialism in its modern form is described by Kwame Nkrumah as neocolonialism with its racist origins and ideology that needs to be defeated and (2) Chinese nationalism is widely dispersed throughout so much of Asia because there are Chinese everywhere in large numbers.

I could go on and on. However, Dr. Ralph Meyer, my professor at Fordham University, would be very proud of my brief presentation as well as those in Asian leadership positions and Asia Society membership and association who have met and heard me over the years. This includes the Council on Foreign Relations and the RAND Corporation.

Emzy Veazy III


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