Veazy heads south |

Veazy heads south

Dear Editor:

Let me just say: “Thank you Sterling Greenwood for your long distance reach into the great State of Mississippi!”

For those of you in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley who know Sterling Greenwood, publisher of the “Aspen Free Press,” old-time newspaper hound and proud father of famous rapper Citizen Cope, you know he can pull a rabbit out of a hat that doesn’t exist. And he did it!

Well, Sterling Greenwood suggested that I look up an old Aspen buddy of his from Mississippi who is in Mississippi in the Delta in Clarksville. The Mississippian’s name is Semmes Luckett, Jr.

It seems both Hunter S. Thompson and Sterling Greenwood shared Semmes Luckett, Jr. as a good friend while he lived in Aspen.

To bring those of you who know Semmes Luckett, Jr. up to speed, his cousin Bill Luckett is running as a Democratic candidate for governor of Mississippi. Bill Luckett says Semmes Luckett, Jr. is still in Mississippi.

Now for you celebrity Hollywood hounds and foxes, Bill Luckett is movie star Morgan Freeman’s business partner in about three business ventures in Mississippi, including a restaurant and a nightclub.

Before you lift your eyes for these words, Aspenite and Mississippian Billy Smith is here in Mississippi, too. Billy Smith got here a week before me. He is staying in McComb, Miss., and plays racquet ball at a private club in Jackson, Miss.

Billy Smith says it is too hot weather-wise for him in Mississippi. It seems he misses the much easier life in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley. I guess he misses some of you wanna-be-apline chicks, too. Billy Smith might be on his way back your way in his truck real soon if I cannot convince him to stay just a little bit longer.

There is still sterling silver Southern hospitality left in the culture of modern Mississippi that cannot be beat. Southern Belles still shine here, too. I hear the belles ringing now at the Women’s Fund of Mississippi.

Emzy Veazy III


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