Veazy does it |

Veazy does it

Dear Editor:

I am sure the super-majority of the Aspen business community’s foreign labor force is truly excited about how the Aspen Chamber Resort Association begins groundwork to seize “more influence over civic affairs … to flex its political muscles more openly … [and] … there might be a corresponding groundswell of support from the general membership” (“ACRA moves to step up its political clout,” Sept. 5).

As ACRA foams at the mouth “… looking for ways [for] … the local [Aspen] electorate [to] hear its voice,”it may try to get Aspen voters to okay an initiative to let those permanent, temporary and illegal foreign workers to vote in Aspen and Pitkin County. Since ACRA President Debbie Braun has begun to do more research about other politically active chambers of commerce, she might have heard in the 1990s there was an active movement in Los Angeles to give foreigners the right to vote for the Los Angeles School Board.

What does the ACRA board have to lose by having me be its guest lecturer? Debbie Braun, put $2,000 on the table to hear Veazy speak to your minions.

The Aspen Skiing Co. loses more ground in Aspen as Vail Resorts marches in with its troops. Is this ACRA’s secret plan to seize political control of the Aspen City Council in the near future? Maybe Warren Klug has pearls of wisdom on this subject since he was nurtured in Vail.

Emzy Veazy III, Esq.