Vandals strike more GOP signs |

Vandals strike more GOP signs

Randy Wyrick

Vandals have apparently targeted Republican campaign signs in several parts of the state, GOP campaign workers across Colorado say.After tearing down and burning “Bush 2004″ campaign signs in Eagle County, Republican campaign workers said several other signs promoting Bush and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Pete Coors have been destroyed.Coors signs on private property on a ranch owned by an Eagle County resident have been torn down. Coors signs in other parts of Colorado have been reported vandalized.Two more Bush signs, located at the William Post Boulevard exit on Interstate 70 in Avon were sawed in half late Monday night. So far, none of the signs promoting Democrats John Kerry or Ken Salazar have been reported vandalized.”It appears to be a group effort,” said Eagle County resident Dana Dunbar, who had a Coors sign vandalized on her property.Eagle County Sheriff Joe Hoy said he has assigned investigators to the case. District Attorney Mark Hurlbert said if the perpetrators are caught and convicted, they could face fines and jail time for arson, trespassing and theft.Eagle County Democratic Party Treasurer Stuart Borne called for a halt to both the vandalism and the rhetoric of Republicans who’ve commented on the incidents. Henri Stone, co-chair of Bush’s Eagle County campaign committee, equated the vandalism with cross burning in the South.”Elections should be about issues and dialogue, constructive dialogue about substantive problems,” said Borne. “We also think equating these incidents to cross burnings is a little silly. It’s disingenuous and insensitive to those who suffered at the hands of bigots. “We don’t think President Bush is in any danger of suffering violence from the people who burned and tore down campaign signs,” he added.Bruce Brown, a Democratic candidate for district attorney of Eagle County, also called for an end to the vandalism.”The burning of Republican candidate signs that has occurred cannot be tolerated by any person who believes in political discourse, which is the foundation of our democracy,” said Brown. “Although tempers flare in a heated political season, and we certainly are in the midst of a ‘heat wave,’ we need to respect others’ rights to express opinions whether they conflict with our own beliefs or mirror them.”