Value your health |

Value your health

Dear Editor:I just read how the “low-carb craze may be over. How about this for a headline: “Low carb craze is back-asswards, and the health of Americans is still rapidly plummeting.”We need to educate ourselves beyond what the diet industry wants us to believe. There are many, many more components to great health than what the diet and pharmaceutical industries are saying.Many Americans have been misled. The diet industry wants you to think that you should buy packages with a big A on them. They’d like us to spend our grocery dollars in the new diet aisle. In reality, we should spend most of our time shopping in the produce section, which should fill half of the grocery store.The diet industry does not attempt to educate consumers about their bodies.The diet and pharmaceutical industries want to keep you in the dark, folks. They want you to be confused and misinformed – lambs to the slaughter, literally.Selling sickness is a crime against humanity, I believe. Sadly, it is happening all around us, for the sake of profit.If you value your health, and the health of our children, you will seek answers. Be a good role model to future generations. Learn about your body, and the fuel it needs. Learn about its powers to heal itself.If you are considering attempting another diet soon, consider educating yourself.I wish everyone the gift of amazing health this holiday season. Nina SchnipperGlenwood Springs