Valuable sanctuary needs support |

Valuable sanctuary needs support

Sanctuary is where you find it. A sanctuary offers refuge and shelter. Thank goodness we have the Gabriel Foundation in the valley.

Big birds are smart and extremely adaptable to many environments ” even at 7,000 feet. There are many tropical birds thriving here in homes. Thanks to the Gabriel Foundation for loving and meeting the needs of the homeless birds.

My relationship with Julie Murad began in March 1996. We were boarding 32 macaws and parrots. They were in flight cages, outside 24/7. The neighbors below never complained about any noise from the birds. They told me they loved wild noises and chatter. It made them appreciate the beauty of the valley even more.

After being outside for more than a year-and-a-half, most of the birds were beginning to show signs of distress and needing medical care. At this point, the owner had shown no willingness to seek medical attention, proper shelter or pay boarding and food bills. Julie came into the picture and saved lives. Most of the original 32 are doing great and in loving homes.

Diversity in our culture is an important component of growth and development. Having this gem here enhances all of us. The Gabriel Foundation enriches children, sparking imagination and creative growth.

Big birds are quiet at dusk ” not like cows who moo and smell all day and night. The noise from 82, construction trucks and equipment is more invasive to our serenity than the joyous chatter during our warm daylight hours.

I know the Gabriel Foundation will do its utmost to meet the concerns of neighbors. We should all stand behind the Gabriel Foundation and support this valuable sanctuary in our valley. There are many people, public and private, from Aspen to Rifle, who offer sanctuary to homeless animals. We all need to publicly voice our support for the Gabriel Foundation.

Ollie Bode