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Valley Voices for Middle East Peace

Dear Editor:Sept. 11, 7/7, Madrid, Iraq, Bali, Tel Aviv – it goes on and on while the world’s revulsion grows with the knowledge that this carnage must be stopped. Muslim clerics are starting to speak out about the Islamic community’s responsibility to repudiate and isolate these Islamist fanatics. Yet leftist extremists in this country continue to apologize for them, spinning bizarre conspiracy theories that blame the attacks on the United States and Israel, equating American soldiers in Iraq with insurgents who endorse suicide bombings, smugly identifying “root causes,” which in their warped worldview means that America is always in the wrong and anything our enemies do is justified, and that in the Middle East Israel is always the culprit. This mindset is evident in discussion groups sponsored by the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition and in some of the videos they have shown on public access TV. For those of us who live in this and neighboring valleys and are interested in seeing a feasible and just peace come to the Middle East, the RFPC does not provide a context in which to conduct informed and rational discussions of alternatives to war. We are forming a group called Valley Voices for Middle East Peace because we do not believe that a coalition so at variance with mainstream perspectives as the RFPC should be the only platform from which to explore ways in which peace could come to a tormented region.Judith King and Mindy KittayGlenwood Springs and Rifle

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