Valley Fine Art belongs in Aspen |

Valley Fine Art belongs in Aspen

Dear Editor:

As a longtime resident (almost 20 years), I am writing you in support of allowing Valley Fine Art to remain in their current space in the Wheeler Opera House building. While change is inevitable, I feel that over the years I have witnessed the consequences of Aspen losing locally owned and operated businesses far too many times. The character and flavor of a town is derived from its community and the people who invest themselves, their time as well as their livelihood in the success of a common spirit and set of ideals.

Valley Fine Art is an example of excellence as an art dealer, helping to define and maintain the level of exceptional quality offerings that is expected in Aspen, with its international reputation and sophisticated brand. This, however, is only a part of the story.

I have watched Valley Fine Art support community-service projects and local charitable organizations over the years in a way that sets an example of how a business can be both upscale and grounded – a balance that I believe benefits Aspen tremendously.

Please take the time to consider all aspects of this decision and allow Valley Fine Art to stay in our community and continue as a leader and servant of our town.

Dave Taylor


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