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Vail Valley Medical for 1A

Dear Editor:Since its inception in 1962, Vail Valley Medical Center has been dedicated to meeting the needs of area families. We have grown from our humble beginnings to become a world class provider of quality health care, providing Eagle County with a continuum of services ranging from Orthopedics to Obstetrics and Pediatrics to Home Health and Hospice. Unfortunately, many of our county’s residents live below the poverty line and have trouble meeting their expenses for housing, child care and medical care. In fact, almost 40 percent of the babies born at Vail Valley Medical Center are born to families in this situation.Vail Valley Medical Center has attempted to close the gaps in services for these individuals by creating our Eagle Care Clinic. Due to the incredible work of people like Dr. Kent Petrie and Carol Conger, RN, MSN, NFP and the rest of the crew at Eagle Care, the vast majority of mothers giving birth at Vail Valley Medical Center receive prenatal care. At Vail Valley Medical Center, we are proud of our efforts to serve this needy population.Referendum 1A will help augment our efforts to close the health care gaps affecting the children in our community. The monies from Referendum 1A will help fund well child care and immunizations, and will give children access to critical dental and mental health services. Referendum 1A will provide safe, accessible child care services to the early childhood population, which helps break the cycle of poverty in our community by allowing families members to pursue meaningful employment.Since opening its doors, Vail Valley Medical Center’s primary mission has been providing the highest quality health care services to all of our community, including Eagle County’s 7,000 children under the age of 9. One important hallmark of this special and vibrant community is that families have a great environment for raising their children. For less than $1 per week, Eagle County can go a long way to improve that environment. That is why Vail Valley Medical Center is proud to endorse Referendum 1A. Eagle County cares for kids, please vote yes on Nov. 7.Gregory G. RepettiEd O’BrienJack EckVail Valley Medical Center

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