Vail Pass widening study postponed |

Vail Pass widening study postponed

Vail Daily Staff
Aspen, CO Colorado

VAIL ” A study of whether to add a lane to Interstate 70 on the west side of Vail Pass has been delayed.

The Colorado Department of Transportation is considering adding a “climbing lane” for slow-moving trucks so faster traffic isn’t backed up.

This study will be delayed while a larger study of how to reduce congestion between Denver and Glenwood Springs is finalized.

When that study ” known as the PEIS, or programmatic environmental impact study ” is finished, the Vail Pass analysis will continue, said Peter Kozinski, who is managing the Vail Pass project.

“While improving safety for drivers and improving water quality are the primary objectives of our study of West Vail Pass, we want to make certain that our targeted efforts are consistent with the decisions that will be made in the I-70 PEIS,” Kozinski said.

The Vail Pass study will also examine ways to keep the sand used to keep the road from freezing out of Black Gore Creek, which runs along I-70.

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