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Utah rounds up 16 moose to relocate to Colorado

The Associated Press
Aspen, CO Colorado

HUNTSVILLE, Utah ” The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is relocating 16 moose from the mountains above Ogden to Colorado.

Wildlife managers used a helicopter and a net gun to round up the moose Thursday. They were given a medical checkup and then moved east.

Division spokesman Phil Douglass says officials hope moving the moose will reduce the number of animals that wander into the valley in search of food.

Last year, the division was swamped by calls from Ogden valley residents who reported moose in residential areas. More than 50 moose were moved last winter.

Division officials say most of the moose captured Thursday were from Weber Canyon.

The moose will be taken to the White River Valley area outside of Meeker, Colo., north of Rifle.

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