Use your imagination |

Use your imagination

Dear Editor:It seems to me that the point of the drug raids was clearly to send a few messages.Can you picture this type of operation happening at Montagna at The Little Nell, or Olives at the St. Regis, no matter what they were doing in the kitchen? (And if you have that good of an imagination, can you see the customers being patted down?)The big message regards who is in charge here and what they will tolerate. The next message involves how it may be time to redevelop the properties where Little Annie’s and Cooper Street Pier are located. Consider that another message may be that if you make less than six figures, it may be time to limit your recreational activities to places outside the city limits.Can you imagine these raids happening between Dec. 25 and March 31, no matter where? But come April 1, be careful. The next April fool might be you. Thank God it was a powder day. What do you imagine might have happened if everyone wasn’t so tired and happy, and in response to some nut shouting, “Sit down and keep your cell phone in your pocket,” someone stood up and yelled “Sit down yourself, you drunk a–h—!”You don’t need any imagination (or a weatherman) to see which way this wind is blowin’.R. MagillAspen

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