Use your heart

Observing the Human Condition and trying to make it better has been my hobby and pleasure for years. I am always amazed when I consider the tools we have to accomplish this ongoing process. We can observe, think and communicate as well as bring into being almost any situation we choose. (This is called Free Will.)

Here are some of my observations:

1. We are developing into a Higher Consciousness that is in our DNA, and this is accelerated by a sudden violent mental or emotional disturbance (really not necessary).

2. We have a balance of nature but we also have a balance of talents and each person is unique. We short-circuit this advancement when conditions are such that each person cannot finish their life’s journey here.

3. No matter what line of thinking we are exposed to, it is well to examine it with our hearts and not follow it blindly. Hitler was a student of the Bible and since he understood it to say the Jewish people would be persecuted he gave us the Holocaust!

Eloise Ilgen