Use a bag, quit griping |

Use a bag, quit griping

Dear Editor:

Thank you, Micaela Chew, for your insight (Why the fuss about bags?”, letters, Feb. 19, The Aspen Times).

If the Roaring Fork valley population hasn’t taken the time to watch the film “Tapped” or visited Al Gore while he was recently in town, please take a moment to Google, or whatever, a source that lets you be more informed concerning the whole earth environment. Whether or not you believe our earth is in a state of emergency, just take a damn shopping bag to the store. Plenty of Europeans, Asians, etc. have done this for decades. Stop bitching and just take the bag. As Nancy Reagan said, “just say no” to waste. Quoting Nike “just do it.”

Years ago Bad Billy and Kinechi gave away fabulous Central Market shopping bags at their private parties honoring Aspen; Austin,Texas; and the Food and Wine Classic. I still have my two. Though they are cloth, I’ve never contracted ecolli, which was recently suggested in the local newspapers over this “bag” debate. Just wash it. Geez, would you wear dirty socks after a trip to the gym?

In addition, I have, and I’m sure all you out there have to, received dozens of bags that have come our way in these recent years. Just this past January I received a birthday gift contained in a bag that was produced from a recycled billboard; when is that last time you’ve seen one of those, advertising a concert in Shreveport, La., for KC and the Sunshine Band? Go figure! It is very easy to make a commitment to the earth, small as that commitment may be.

If I don’t have my personal shopping bag (save 5 cents right there for those of you who are counting), I leave my cart for the moments it takes me to go back to my car to get my bags. It’s not that big of a deal. A local clerk will watch your cart for you until your return. And, it’s good exercise. How many out there have club memberships, hike Smuggler, Arbaney Kettle or the Boy Scout Trail in Glenwood Springs?

Please, reduce (I am enough), reuse (take a bag), recycle (those bags back to a store).

Thanks again, Micaela. Sometimes we are just lazy. Sometimes we just want to kick up a fuss. Sometimes we feel taxed to the max. Please, just take the bag with you. Or have your personal shopper do it for you. If the shopper doesn’t take the bag, tax him/her/it.

Kitty Beaden


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