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Uphold our laws

Dear Editor:With regards to “Do immigrants help or harm the economy?” (Aspen Times, Aug. 2), I know immigrants help our economy. However, farther down the article, illegal aliens are mentioned as well. And to quote from the article, per the Immigration and Customs Enforcement press release, the agency “works to protect illegal aliens living in the shadows.” Interesting statement by our federal elected officials who took an oath upon entering into office with regards to the following, Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution: “The United States shall guarantee every State in this Union a Republican form of Government and shall protect each of them against invasion from both foreign and domestic enemies.”Not only do our elected (for the people, by the people) representatives take a Rule of the Law oath to get into office; there are several laws on our books pertaining to the illegality of illegal aliens entering our country unauthorized under http://uscode.house.gov/title_08.htm. See the U.S. House of Representatives law information pertaining to immigration, illegal entry and national security at http://uscode.house.gov/title_08.htmLadies and gentlemen, this ICE press release just undermined the Constitution, of which our country is founded and also completely undermined American laws. Which has undermined you, the voting citizens of America.The ICE contact information for Colorado is District Director Mario Ortiz. Call the Denver district office toll-free at 1-800-375-5283. Demand your elected “for the people, by the people” officials now uphold our laws and U.S. Constitution. Marty LichGypsum

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