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Uphillers owe groomers – big time

Dear Editor:As a frequent uphiller, I feel compelled to comment on the groomers vs. uphillers controversy now brewing.I often marvel at how the Skico goes out of its way to facilitate all of us uphillers’ needs. We have our own private (and safe) route to the top. Once there, we have access to cold water, Kleenex and a free ride to the bottom, despite the extra manpower needed for downloading. Even during the X Games, they manage to provide all us aerobic junkies with an alternate route to the top.In the summer on Aspen Mountain, dogs are allowed to download the gondola with their owners, again for free. Muddy paw prints are routinely wiped clean. All this is provided with a smile and a dog treat (or two).Without the hard work of the groomers, I, for one, would not be slogging through knee-deep concrete to climb to the top. Uphilling Buttermilk is a privilege that needs to be respected. Thanks, groomers and Skico.Cindy ZasackyAspen