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Up to the governor

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

Did you know that your ability to buy a home and insure it in Colorado is threatened by the everyday practices of the homeowners’ insurance industry?

Homeowners who call their insurance companies to report damage, but don’t make a claim or receive funds, are being penalized. Insurance companies use private databases such as CLUE or A-PLUS to track calls homeowners make to their insurance companies, oftentimes recording a simple inquiry as a claim that could hike rates, or worse, result in dropped coverage.

Insurance companies have a duty to separate claims from coverage inquiries, and keep homeowners informed of the data used to calculate their rates. Consumers should have access to and the ability to contest inaccuracies in the information insurers use to assess them. They should feel confident that insurance companies would stick to their word when issuing a binder for their home. Also, shouldn’t Coloradans feel secure knowing that the Division of Insurance knows how their rates are engineered?

Absolutely. And Gov. Bill Owens has the opportunity to correct these problems by signing two bills (House Bill 1236 and House Bill 1292), supported by an overwhelming majority of the Democrats and Republicans in Colorado’s Legislature. Their ability to put partisan politics and special interests aside in favor of Coloradans has been commendable. Let’s ask our governor to do the same!

Teresa A. Ryan

Aspen Board of Realtors,

Mountain District vice president

Maynard Associates Real Estate