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Unwavering support from the Elks Club

Dear Editor:

Congratulations! The Aspen third- and fourth-grade football team ended the season today as the all-valley champions. We arrived at the Skier football field just in time to watch the championship game. These youngsters were amazing – just like the high school kids as far as talent and excitement goes, only 3 feet shorter. Ha! What a hoot.

All of the coaches, under the guidance of Coach K (Steve Ketchum) did an outstanding job of turning a diverse group of young lads (many of whom had never held a football) into a team in spirit and in fact. But, this wonderfully fun and character-building season would not have been possible were it not for so many who gave of both their time and money. The greatest of these are the Aspen Elks. The Elks never seem to tire of their support of our children in every regard, and they have earned our sincere gratitude.

Thank you, Elks – again!

The Fite family


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