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Unwashed rats in the woodwork

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

(This letter refers to the Carbondale Town Council resolution opposing the Patriot Act.)

To the rational local citizens of the Roaring Fork Valley, which, then, excludes the Carbondale Town Council, members of “Wake Up Now,” the RFPC (Roaring Fork Pacifist Conspirators), Stepstone Center and others who are at this time unnamed, but lurking. i.e., all those who consider terrorists more trustworthy and appealing allies than the U.S. government, especially one lead by President G. Bush.

All those who chafe under the terrible (imagined) burden to their rights under the imposition of the Patriot Act, a powerful legal tool enacted only after the unprovoked attack on this country on September 11, 2001, by declared enemies of all Western civilization. Monsters whose fondest wish is to bring the world again to the Dark Ages.

What does it take for those who hate this president to realize that all their efforts to destroy him, not only weaken his administration (yes, you have done some damage of which you ignorantly gloat) but, also the country. The country that gives you the power to harm that same country; the sad irony of that truth.

Keep up your efforts at subversion of American power, one of the few countries of this world that make any effort and sacrifice to better the lives of others. Keep it up and one day perhaps you’ll be deservedly “blowing in the wind” that you help create.

You are all as rats in the woodwork, whose enterprise will bring the house down on all the inhabitants, good or bad.

To again return to the rational citizens – please, please speak up and out against those here whose agenda is not for peace in this angry world, but instead for their weak-minded, often socialist, programs to remake what this great country is to be. To let the incompetent U.N. lead us, scold us, control us. That is the goal of the unwashed subversives right here in our back yards.

Please let, and make, your voices be heard. They are loudmouths, true enough, but we have right and truth on our side. That’s worth more!

Francine Singleton


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