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Unnecessary roughness

Dear Editor:Do you have any idea how close you came to ending my life and ruining your own – just to be a ^%$&#? I was riding on top of the white line at the Brush Creek intersection of Highway 82 so that vehicles going to Snowmass could easily pass on my right and those going to Aspen could easily pass on my left.What you did could have been intentional vehicular homicide! The only purpose to speeding within inches of my shoulder and cutting me off to turn up Brush Creek was to be a jerk. If you’d have hit me at that speed, I’d be dead, and you would be in jail for a long time! If there were a paved bike path, trust me, I’d be on it, but there isn’t, so 82 is my only option. Just consider yourself incredibly lucky that you didn’t kill me and I didn’t get your plate number. Trust me: At the very, very least, you would have a ticket for unsafe driving. Linda GraceAspen

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