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Unnecessary doggie woes

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Dear Editor:On Saturday, July 31, my family and I went to Snowmass Village for some of the family activities going on there. My son was part of a demonstration being put on by Rocky Mountain Martial Arts. He was nervous but the demonstration was great. We had parked in Lot 6 in 90-minute parking. I had left my 3-year-old yellow lab tied under a tree in front of my car. I didn’t want to bring him to the mall because he is still very puppy like and overly friendly. We got to the lot at 10:40 a.m. and were back from the demonstration by 11:30 a.m. When we got back to the car our dog was gone, leash and all, no sign of him. My 8 year old son immediately became hysterical thinking his dog had run off or been stolen. So I called the Snowmass Village police. They had animal control contact me and eventually we found out that an officer, one Tina White, had untied our dog and took the liberty of moving him to the animal shelter. No info, no note – nothing. Why in the world would someone untie a dog and take them to the shelter? He was in the shade and we were parked in short term parking, one more run through and she would have seen the dog wouldn’t have been there. So suddenly ,in the town I grew up in and have always had dogs in, it is illegal to leave your dog tied up… give me a break. What about all the people who leave their dogs in their car to melt in the heat or let them run loose and don’t clean up after them? Any way thanks Tina, you ruined a nice family day, we were going to go to the top of Aspen Mountain (where they welcome dogs), and listen to the music with another family but by the time we got our dog back, the day was more than half over and my son was exhausted. My son told me he was so upset he wanted to slap the cop, well being the good parent I am, I told him that that would accomplish nothing, and some people don’t really think before they do stuff. Our friendly local police were just doing their job. But ya know what ? I wanted to slap her too. What happened to helping the public? Our taxes are paying for some seriously bored police officers to do some pretty stupid things. Sometimes I really want to move to Snowmass, but this kind of behavior really discourages me and makes me think its not as great as I thought it was. I always take care of my animals, and it should be my business – unless there is cruelty, stay out of our lives. Snowmass police, shame on you, upsetting 8-year-old children on a weekend that was supposed to be all about families. You blew it, big time.JoJo RaffertyCarbondale

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