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Unlicensed is illegal

Dear Editor:I have read the information published about the person posing as a chiropractor. I think the important issue here has been downplayed somewhat. This is a public safety issue.The government sets up licensing boards to ensure that practitioners attend accredited colleges, pass board exams to ensure practitioners are competent, and are licensed so the public is assured that the person treating them is both capable and safe. Mr. Phillips is not licensed. The public has no way to ascertain if Mr. Phillips has any credentials at all.As an unlicensed practitioner, it is not what he knows, but what he doesn’t, that concerns me. He might not recognize a fracture, aneurysm or cancer and continue treating someone to their detriment. As an unlicensed practitioner he cannot carry malpractice insurance.He has stood up in a public meeting of the Aspen government (P&Z) and introduced himself as Dr. Clint Phillips and as a chiropractor. His business cards listed him as Dr. Clint Phillips, Chiro. His website states he is a doctor of chiropractic. Unfortunately, he is not, and that is why the government board has issued a cease and desist letter to stop him from claiming that title.Someone may be able to carve a turkey, but that does not allow them to call themselves a heart surgeon.It is illegal for him to examine, diagnose or treat anyone. It is also illegal for anyone to utilize physical therapy modalities such as electrical stimulation or ultrasound without a license.If Mr. Phillips, or anyone else for that matter, has examined, diagnosed or treated you, and does not have a license, please contact: Colorado State Board of Examiners, 1560 Broadway, Suite 1310, Denver, CO 80202.Fred Wilson, D.C.Aspen

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