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Unleashed and inconsiderate

Dear Editor:

Two ladies who were walking past the Maroon Creek Road fee station on Monday afternoon nearly caused a major accident to a bicyclist and showed utter lack of remorse or concern for the incident they initiated.

That they could be so obtuse and indifferent to the situation shows that at least a small fraction of mankind has sunk well below a minimal standard of morality and humanity set by and adhered to by even the lowest dregs of our race. An unleashed and uncontrolled dog that was under no restraint by its unresponsive and inconsiderate owners is a hazard on a well used multiuse road. The cyclist didn’t come speeding around a blind corner in the wrong lane, and they didn’t scare the dog or owners; they actually slowed to a reasonable speed out of courtesy for the walkers and out of fear of the loose dog.

The animal was obviously too young and too untrained to be left to its own will and ambitions. I did retaliate with harsh, loud words that may be considered offensive, but there is no amount of vulgarity or screaming that can come close to the offensiveness caused to a cyclist injured or killed out of blatant disregard and ignorance. Please leash your dogs; there are more important things out there than your blind and selfish desire to let your dog run wild.

Todd Renee