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Unkempt, dangerous roads

Dear Editor:Should Pitco officials have a policy that results in road destruction?That may sound like a strange question, but on page 32 of the “Pitkin County Asset Management Plan” there is such a policy. And the most obvious places it’s being applied are the Little Annie and Midnight roads.Unless there is a washout, such “Limited Service” roads are being abandoned. Parts of the Little Annie and Midnight roads are in the poorest shape that I have seen in the past 40 to 50 years. They are becoming a hazard to drivers, and the environmental destruction is appalling.The official BOCC policy states that “Grading shall be conducted only when absolutely necessary to keep the road open to safe passage for four wheel drive and/or high clearance vehicles, and to maintain adequate drainage.” There is no grading and concern for drainage has become non-existent.For roads to be reduced to such a condition means almost total neglect by the county.All heavy rain waters are washing down the middle of the roads. No ditches. So much rock is exposed in the road beds that in several areas the surfaces have become a threat to tires and safety.It is an insult to have Pitco collect taxes from those of us who own land back there and to receive almost nothing but irritation in return.In my opinion, the BOCC is in violation of several rules and laws. They are paid, by the mile, by the State of Colorado and the USFS, to maintain (not destroy) such roads. They are taking money under false pretenses. In addition, they are violating a State mandate going back to 1935, which states that “It is the duty of county commissioners to establish and maintain roads.” It is a farce to pretend that the upper portions of the Little Annie and Midnight roads are being maintained.I think the BOCC has left itself wide open to legal actions to correct the situation.P.S.: If you want pictures, let me know, or go up for a tour toward the Sundeck, taking either road.Buzz CooperGlenwood Springs

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