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Union or rebel?

Dear Editor:Writers often inadvertently create confusion by placing “only” incorrectly in a sentence. It should go immediately before the word or phrase it modifies. “I lost my only shirt” means that I had but one to begin with. “I lost only my shirt” means I didn’t lose anything else. “Only I lost my shirt” means that I was the only person in my group to lose a shirt. And so …I would like to thank the brain-trusters who crafted Amendment 43 (‘no’ on gay marriage) for giving me a much needed belly laugh. These sage lawmakers, who I presume to be lawyers or something approaching that hallowed institution, placed this on the ballot: “[Marriage shall be] … only a union of one man and one woman …”.Not a union of only one man and one woman? Gays should have a field day with this.Tracy WynnAspen

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