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Dear Editor:

You recently published a letter defending GrassRoots TV for disposing of its free-speech policy in order to relieve itself of any obligation to show politically incorrect videos, and particularly videos which raised doubts about Jewish behavior and beliefs. While the letter was lengthy, the argument was simple: Since it is “unimaginable” that the Orthodox Jewish version of the Holocaust is false, there is no obligation to show videos which raise questions about it.

Now this is an argument, which may seem solid to the graduates of the public skoolz, but it is, nevertheless, transparent nonsense. It was “unimaginable” in 1491 that the Earth was other than flat, but the next year it was proved to be so. To the Catholic bishops of the 17th century, it was “unimaginable” that there were moons around Saturn, and, for this reason, refused to look at them through Galileo’s telescope. And for many, it was unimaginable that a president would authorize torture and lie us into a war that has lasted longer than World War II, until Bush did it. So I think that the notion that something is “unimaginable” is a pretty weak reed for supporting the argument that some things should not be investigated because they are “unimaginable.”

Indeed, it might even be suggested that the letter writers are suffering from a severe lack of imagination.

But hey, what do I know ” I’m just one of those “stupid Nazis,” right?

John “Birdman” Bryant

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St. Pete Beach, Fla.

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