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Unfair treatment at RVR

Dear Editor:I am writing to inform the community about how River Valley Ranch treats its paying guests.I was excited to learn that RVR swim lessons are open to non-members and I enrolled my six-month-old son and myself for parent-child lessons. My excitement was short-lived as at our first lesson, we were informed that we as non-members were not allowed to use the bathrooms! I was shocked, appalled, and offended. The pool manager (upon later complaint) clarified herself and said that we could use a bathroom but not the locker room. Therefore, I would be unable to rinse my son in the shower and would have to change his diaper and clothes in the cool morning air after swimming. This was unacceptable to me and I requested (and was granted) a full refund.If RVR is so averse to letting non-members use their locker room when paying for a service, why allow them entry? It seems reasonable to expect to be made to feel welcomed rather than like a second-class citizen when you’re a paying guest. I urge other non-members to take their business elsewhere in the valley. My son and I are happily enrolled in lessons at the ARC.Deb Wellek WolksteinBasalt

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