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Unexpected attention

My letter to the Times published on Jan. 1, and then again in the weekly, has had unexpected results.

The photograph I mentioned by Abram Shterenberg has sold, and the buyer asked for the older couple’s phone number. I would not give it out, of course, but mailed them his request and with his permission, his phone number.

Perhaps they will have the photograph someday soon and isn’t that terrific; the power of the press! I have been besieged with calls, e-mails and people stopping me on the street to compliment and congratulate me on the letter. I guess I touched a nerve.

I’ve been stopped by people whom I didn’t even know and whom I was surprised knew me and what I even look like. Many local retailers have responded thanking me. I feel extremely flattered by the attention.

Several people have asked me to continue to write in letters to the editor telling of my triumphs and laments, they enjoyed my letter so much. Someone I did not know said he was going to work on getting me a regular column. Whomever you are, my sincere thanks. My first dream was to be a writer, and I find this attention quite astonishing.

Joel Soroka