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Undoing of America

Dear Editor:I want to thank Sen. Robert Byrd for his speech equating Bush tactics to those used in pre-World War II Germany by Hitler. He is exactly on point – namely that Bush/Cheney/Rove are using the system to undermine the fundamental liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I have been saying the same thing to anyone who will listen. To say these tactics are “dastardly” would be an understatement!Bush, et. al., seem to be doing the bidding of the Christian right and vested corporate interests. My reading of the Bible suggests, “From those who have received much, much is expected.” I am in the highest tax bracket and I gladly pay my taxes. I will be happy to pay more taxes, should I be asked to do so. Removing the cap on Social Security is a good thing. Let’s get it done!Byrd and I are of the same generation. During our lifetimes so much good has been done on many fronts, and yes, we have more to do. Bush & Co. are undermining it all. It will be the undoing of our grand nation.I would like to live in a country that values children enough to fund the highest quality education, protects the environment for future generations, has rivers with fish and air fit to breathe, assists the less privileged and infirm, keeps its promises while it holds out opportunity. I hope and pray that Byrd will not fall to the same fate as Winston Churchill in the years before World War II. Churchill sounded the alarm and it mostly fell on deaf ears and it was almost too late when the world woke up to his message. I urge Byrd and all like-minded concerned citizens to continue speaking out on these matters. Senator, you and I are on the “down slope” of life and we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by placing roadblocks that will stop this egregious behavior. Thank you for your many years of service to our nation. Keep on serving with a very loud voice!David BorkBasalt

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