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Undies too tight?

Dear Editor:Hey Mike, I think your underwear might be a bit too tight.The guy was just expressing his opinion, just like you. However, for a moment this morning, I thought I was on one of those rabid Yahoo forums where angry people threaten to beat each other up when others don’t agree with them. But alas, it was The Aspen Times where I found this behavior (Mike McGarry letter, May 10).There is nothing wrong with passionately expressing your opinion, sir, but telling a person they’ll be MIA when you’re done with them is exactly the kind of thing that perpetuates any problem. Now, before you call me a bleeding heart liberal and ask me to meet you in the alley, keep something in mind: I’m willing to have a political discussion with you about anything you want, anytime.I admire you speaking up for something you believe in. But if you’re right about something, have the backbone to defend it with words first. If you can’t, maybe it’s because you don’t have the words to do so.Nowhere in Mr. Starbuck’s letter (Aspen Times, May 9) did he threaten you. Why do you feel it necessary to threaten him?Don ChaneyGlenwood Springs