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Underage drinking, mischief and drugs

Compiled from police reports

BASALT ” A 33-year-old Basalt woman was cited by police on Jan. 16 for a misdemeanor child abuse charge after a confrontation with her daughter over a stereo speaker.

Police were called to a residence at the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park on a call of a disturbance between a mom and her two teenage daughters, the police report said. An officer responded and found the girls visibly upset.

An investigation indicated one of the girls took a stereo speaker from the living room of the residence into her bedroom without seeking permission first. Her mother got upset, began calling the girl names, and then got physical, according to police chief Keith Ikeda.

The mom was cited for misdemeanor child abuse not resulting in injury. The Aspen Times decided not to disclose her name because that would identify the victim in the case.

The teenage girls called a friend during the disturbance, and that friend called police, Ikeda said. Health and Human Services officials were notified, and the girls were taken to a friend’s house for the night.

BASALT ” Somebody is getting possessive over parking at the fledgling Willits Town Center development.

A resident of the Triangle Park Lofts reported to police that they found all four tires on their car deflated along with a nasty note that said, “Move your vehicle or else.”

Another note had an arrow pointing to an adjacent vehicle that said, “You too.” The air was still in the tires of the second vehicle.

Basalt police said they have no suspects.

ASPEN ” Officers Rick Magnuson and Linda Consuegra were on patrol when they saw a vehicle allegedly run a red light on South Galena Street.

The officers pulled over Kent Kleppinger, 36, and noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from his person. When Magnuson asked Kleppinger where he was coming from, Kleppinger responded, “Belly Up,” according to the police report.

Kleppinger allegedly was unable to complete a roadside sobriety test, so Magnuson placed him under arrest for driving under the influence. At that time, Sgt. Consuegra searched the vehicle and found a pill bottle containing a small amount of marijuana.

Kleppinger was charged with driving under the influence and possession of marijuana.


ASPEN ” Aspen officer Matt Burg was called to the Belly Up to investigate a possible underage drinker.

According to the police report, Burg found that Jonathon Ohlinger, 18, had washed off the X that indicates being underage. When Burg talked with Ohlinger, the teen allegedly was holding a Corona.

Ohlinger was arrested and taken to the Pitkin County Jail.

ASPEN ” Aspen officers Mike Tracey and Jim Crowley responded to a complaint of an assault at DishAspen restaurant. The officers spoke with a victim and a witness who said Norman Dabbs, 28, had struck the female victim on the face. The officers were reportedly able to see a mark on the face of the victim.

The victim and witness said they got into a verbal altercation with Dabbs at The Regal Watering Hole and later encountered him at DishAspen. The victim said that after they got to DishAspen, Dabbs yelled at them and then hit the victim. The fight allegedly was broken up by bar staff.

Tracey and Crowley then interviewed Dabbs, who said that the victim was pushing him at the Regal, so he left. He said he saw the same girl at DishAspen, but denied hitting her there.

A security guard working as the doorman at DishAspen identified Dabbs and said Dabbs had hit the woman. Crowley arrested Dabbs and took him to the Pitkin County Jail for disorderly conduct.

ASPEN ” Officers Walter Chi and Ben Dalessandri were dispatched to the Belly Up Aspen for a call of a trespass in progress.

The manager of the Belly Up told the officers she thought that Tessa Caroline Caudle, 18, had been drinking before she arrived at the club. When officers spoke with Caudle, they noticed the odor of alcohol coming from her, according to the police report.

Caudle was arrested for underage drinking and was taken to the Pitkin County Jail.

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