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Underage drinking article was unfair

Dear Editor:

I am writing in concern to the article, printed July 28 in the Aspen Daily News, detailing and discriminating against the act of underage drinking and parties for no apparent reason.

On a more personal note, this article wrongfully detailed my good friend’s recent arrest. The article written, as is customary for a paper like the Daily News, was confusing and poorly written at best. By no means am I a journalist, but I feel that I need to write and help explain to the public what was the actual truth. This article was purely not the truth.

First of all, my friend, Blake, is 18 years old, not 19. Also, just to set the record straight, Blake had nothing to do with a car being broken into that same night he was arrested.

Furthermore, why would such an article be written? This article is completely invasive on my friend’s privacy as well as his family’s privacy. Maybe it is not the Daily News’ error; perhaps the local police officer, Sgt. Mike Tracey, is to blame.

Possibly Tracey forgot to stay focused on keeping the people safe and to keep their well-being and future in mind. Tracey obviously lacked such compassion when he decided to do an interview with the Aspen Daily News. If this was his son or family member, I assure he would have had second thoughts about the actions he chose.

Yes, I know very well the Daily’s motto: “If you don’t want it printed, don’t let it happen.” May I make a suggestion, though: Make a paradigm change; your current thinking and motto do not make you a unique organization. Integrity is unique, and so is compassion. Please show me your true colors.

JD Redmond


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